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       【Huizhou DUV New Materials Co., Ltd. 】Is an adhesive, silicone materials research, production and sales of the company. Our products are widely used: optoelectronics industry (LCD, LED displays, optical fibers and connectors, optical lens, etc.); lighting industry (high power LED packaging, LED modules, LED lighting applications, HID, energy-saving lamps, etc.) ; electronic components industry (motor, inductors, power supplies, electro-acoustic devices, etc.); mobile phones and computers and accessories industry; glass products industry (products, glass furniture, etc.); solar industry; automotive industry; high-speed rail industry.

     Our company is approved by the relevant state registration of enterprises, adhering to the "quality first, reputation first" principle, strict management, high quality products, competitive prices and good service, is committed to providing customers with high added value solution. When a customer chose Deron Williams, Williams not only get high quality products, but also got a side by side with the work, problems encountered in its production process to find innovative solutions business partners, we will be enthusiastic attitude, fast action and good professional qualities to become your trusted partner. Including: Silicone Series: silicone potting, bonding, thermal grease and silicone rubber with silicone curing agent, silicone masterbatch, double soled agent agent, TPU, metal, PC skeleton interface agent and primer agent silicone products. Adhesive Series: Epoxy, AB glue, Uv UV glue, cyanoacrylate, anaerobic and other types of industrial glue.

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